Emporis Projects Limited provides leading edge RFID solutions to businesses and organizations in order to help them overcome problems associated with tracking of equipment and inventory. Backed by the veterans of the RFID industry, the company is focused on providing complete RFID solutions using the state of the excluisive Solutions to our esteemed clientele. Our engineering staff, composed of highly experienced hardware and software engineers from the RFID industry. We have RFID Solutions that is able to keep track of any activity
associated with RFID tagged equipment and inventory in real time. The RFID system will identify and keep track of goods located in any place within the warehouse or any other part of the building that the system is installed. Our staff has also developed RFID solutions to the security issues that most concern end users.

Our team consists of seasoned veterans in software, hardware, RF technology, corporate development, and marketing. They have worked in important product development roles for major organizations including Fortune 500 companies.
Emporis Projects Limited aims to position itself as a leader in creating a total RFID solution specifically targeted toward our customers' needs.

What Makes Emporis Projects RFID Solutions Unique

  • The company has engineered partnerships & engineers from the ground-up, a complete RFID solution for automatic tracking.
  • Our engineering staff has many years of RFID design and system integration experience
  • The company has long-term vision and focus to provide the best RFID solutions in the industry

Our Competitive Advantage

  • 100% real-time detection of equipment and assets
  • Low cost and very reliable RFID active tag
  • Unique approaches in the tag design with a very long read range (combining several frequencies in one product)
  • Low cost RFID reader and system
  • Portable database with flexible memory size
  • Flexible user-friendly software
  • Overall inventory cost reduction for the customer
  Recent developments in technology have allowed us to develop a low cost and highly reliable RFID active tag solution. Emporis Solution RFID tags have many advantages over conventional RFID passive tags and RFID active tags.

Advantages Over Passive Tag Solutions:

- Longer Read Range-
RFID Passive tags have read ranges limited to a few feet. Emporis Projects RFID tags have a read range of up to 85 meters (~279 feet).
- Larger Data Storage Capacity-
Passive tags have limited data storage capacity compared to the Emporis Projects RFID active tags.
- Data Can Be Sent at Designated Times-
Passive tags send data only when they are in close proximity to the RFID reader. Because of the large read range, Emporis Projects RFID tags can send data at pre-designated intervals or at certain locations.

Advantages Over Other RFID Active Tags:

  • Longer Life- Emporis Projects uses the latest technology to achieve reliability and life that rivals other active tags.
  • Lower Cost- Emporis Projects RFID tags uses the latest technology and integration to provide you with a very cost effective tag.
  • Smaller Size- Emporis Projects RFID tags are smaller than Active tags based on older technology.

Summary of Features:

  • Very low cost, read-only tag, for access control
  • Compact-size tag for wrist bands
  • Standard, long-range, read/write tag
  • High-security, long-range, bi-directional, read/write tag
  • Available in different sizes, based on the application

Read Only vs. Read/Write Tags

Emporis Projects offers Read Only and Read/Write RFID tags.
Read Only Tags: The transponders generally provide a fixed factory-set identification code, which is tamperproof, and are known as Read Only (R/O). The unique code, known as a License Plate, enables the tag to be cross-referenced with a database, thereby allowing the tagged item to be closely followed and monitored.
Read/Write Tags: The customer can modify the tag's data. This offers advantages in many applications where the identification code needs to be changed, or where variable data is more important than a unique identity.

Because Emporis Projects designs its own RFID tags, readers, and host software, we are able to provide you with a seamless integrated RFID solution. An Emporis Projects RFID integrated solution is capable of tracking such diverse elements as containers, pallets, furniture, test equipment, vehicles, and hospital patients.

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

An Active RFID integrated solution can generate an updated inventory and track the exact location of goods in real time. The system can keep track of virtually any activity of the tagged equipment or inventory. The system will identify and track the items at any point in the warehouse or any part of the building that the system is installed.

Total Visibility through RFID

An Emporis Projects RFID integrated solution can help reduce the obsolete stock by providing real time product status information. The amount of idle inventory tied up in store and warehouses can thus be dramatically reduced through the effective use of information that this system will provide.
Our RFID integrated solution is capable of displaying a map of the warehouse, parking lot, or building depending on the RFID application. This map, stored in our database, can be used by your personnel to search for the location of a person, equipment or inventory, and display their location in real-time.

Reconciliation of Inventory

Currently, the process of reconciling actual inventory against the product database is very time consuming and expensive especially if done manually or through the use of barcodes.
An Emporis Projects RFID integrated solution, on the other hand, can check stock and inventories received and dispatch items automatically.

Reduction of Theft and Shrinkage

The system will allow internal theft and other forms of inventory shrinkage to be rapidly identified, and eliminated.

The RFID reader is designed for fast and easy system integration without losing performance, functionality or security. The RFID reader consists of a real time processor, operating system, virtual portable memory, and transmitter/receiver unit in one small self-contained module that is easily installed in the ceiling or in any other convenient location.


Features of Emporis Projects RFID Readers

RFID Reader Operating Range

The Emporis Projects RFID reader has the following operating ranges:

RFID Reader to RFID Tag:

Up to 85 meters

RFID Reader to Host:

Up to 300 meters

Multi-Tag True Anti-Collision Capability

One of the outstanding features of the Emporis Projects RFID system is its true anti-collision capability. This feature ensures data integrity, when several RFID tags are read simultaneously.

Immunity to Noise and Interference

The working frequencies of the Emporis Projects system are based on the international platform of RFID systems. The long read range Emporis Projects RFID system employs a midrange frequency, and a unique complex software algorithm to provide noise immunity and error-free operation in high-interference environments.

Types of Emporis Projects RFID Readers

There are several types of Readers available. Please refer to data sheets for more details.
Fixed Reader AC Power:                  120/230 Volts AC
Fixed Reader DC Power:                  12 Volt DC
PC-Card Reader:                  For use with portable devices in trucks, forklifts, etc.
Handheld Reader:                  Has a wireless link to standard Emporis Projects RFID readers

The Emporis Projects software can be adapted to individual user requirements and can be implemented for a variety of applications:
Inventory Control
Container / Pallet Tracking
ID Badges and Access Control
Fleet Maintenance
Equipment/Personnel Tracking in Hospitals
Parking Lot Access and Control
Car Tracking in Rental Lots
Product Tracking through Manufacturing and Assembly
Various features can be implemented into the Emporis Projects software to provide the flexibility needed for your individual requirements:

  • Fully automated shipping and receiving
  • Real time inventory
  • Real time to generate receiving documents
  • Real time to generate shipping documents
  • Automatically order products that are low in inventory
  • Real time security
  • Real time marketing information about different brand of products
Emporis Projects has grown out of the box in 2010 forming strategic alliances worldwide and a vision beyond India. This alliances have given a new opportunity to the company and has helped us challenge ourseleves to the potential that we can seek.
Emporis Projects has grown out of the box in 2010 forming strategic alliances worldwide and a vision beyond India. This alliances have given a new opportunity to the company and has helped us challenge ourseleves to the potential that we can seek.
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